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Instant competition terms and conditions

Tell us about your promotion. You can then instantly generate your competition terms and conditions with our easy to use wizard for just $50 to $150.

We offer terms and conditions for games of chance as well as games of skill. The customised legal templates are tailored to your specific competition. We are up to date and compliant with the regulations of each Australian state or territory. The document includes clauses that protect you as a promoter and provides transparency for your entrants.

Complete the form and immediately download the T&Cs. We provide a hosted URL (website link) for you to optionally publish the T&Cs.

Note that some game of chance competitions require permits. To find out more, visit

Let's get started!

  • Game of skill or game of chance
  • Tailored template
  • Compliant in Australia
  • Instantly download and review
  • Optionally link to hosted T&Cs
This promotion qualifies for the $50 T&Cs offer because its prize value is $1000 or less.

Game of chance T&Cs

A chance based promotion awards prizes by random draw. The winner is randomly selected from all eligible entries received. You are generally required to use a compliant draw system.

Game of skill T&Cs

A skill based promotion awards prizes based on the entrants' skills. For example, a 25 words or less answer may be required to enter, and a panel of judges will determine which answer is best.

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